Jack visits the Stella guitar he wrote Peaceful Easy Feeling on for the Eagles. Originally purchased for $13.00, it is now on display at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, CA as part of ‘California Dreamin’: The Sounds of Laurel Canyon’ Exhibit showing through November 2014.

Peaceful Easy Feeling at the Grand Coulee Dam -Kevin K.

I played Peaceful Easy Feeling on my Guitar on a view point above the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington under the most beautiful Milky Way with a billion stars all around. Thank you for that memory you helped create for me Labor Day weekend. It was one in the morning and I’ll always remember that moment singing your song. -Kevin K.


Original poster of residency at The Candy Company. Created by a friend with fictitious quotes, it helped Jack land a show in El Centro, CA. where an enchanted evening with a  lovely waitress ensued…up to a certain point! Either way, ‘twas the spark that lit the original fire for Peaceful Easy Feeling. #PeacefulEasyFeeling 

Original poster of residency at The Candy Company. Created by a friend with fictitious quotes, it helped Jack land a show in El Centro, CA. where an enchanted evening with a  lovely waitress ensued…up to a certain point! Either way, ‘twas the spark that lit the original fire for Peaceful Easy Feeling. #PeacefulEasyFeeling 

The soundtrack to some of my most important memories and experiences. -Jerry K.

Hi Jack,

Your song has meant so much to me throughout the years. I remember being a kid and playing my mom and dad’s records on their old console stereo. Side Two of Eagles was always one of my faves. I would lay on the floor with headphones on and put my bare feet up on the velvet covered speakers of the console. I’d lose myself in the music and the desert on the album cover. Later in life, this song and a mutual love for all things Eagles became the glue that has held together a friendship of nearly twenty years between me and my neighbor. We’ve both been through a lot during those years, but we can always count on each other, good music and a cold beer. I remarried two years ago to a lifelong friend. Her support for me and her love are nothing short undeserved. But finding my safety and my comfort in our relationship has made me love your song even more. Thank you Jack for writing the soundtrack to some of my most important memories and experiences. -Jerry K. 

Thanks Jack and thanks Eagles-You were all in my room teaching me how to sing play and write songs. -Aubrey H.

'Peaceful' was pretty much the first song by the Eagles I ever learned and not the last. I spent a lot of time in my room growing up, playing my guitar, and learning to sing melodies and harmonies with all with my 'friends' in the Eagles… Oh yeah, they were there when i got home from school every day and they would spin round and round until i took the record off the player. As well as the outstanding songs that i now realize were written by Jack, the Eagles taught me how to harmonize and play some pretty decent guitar so i could jam with my pals. One day, I was singing along at the top of my lungs to TAKE IT EASY, and my mom popped her head in the door of my room and i just stopped singing. I really wasn't into having anybody hear me play and sing at that time in my life, i was a shy kinda kid, didn't have girlfriends and that sort of thing, just kept to my self mostly. This happened a few more times and i would shut right up and stop singing and playing. Later on, when we would play all night at family gatherings, my mom told the story of how I would stop singing when she would pop open the door to my room. She said after that she would sit on the floor outside my room and listen to me for hours. Made me smile and made me cry. She said, 'I really liked the Eagles songs and you should play those songs more often', so I did and i'm still playing them to this day. Thanks Jack and thanks Eagles… Ya didn't know it, but you were all in my room teaching me how to sing play and write songs. -Aubrey H.

Big Fan of The Music -Don D.

Hello Jack- I don’t really have a memory specific to that song, just wanted to tell you that The Eagles was one of the truly great bands back in the day. Myself and pretty much everyone I knew loved your music and lyrics. I truly hope you are well and hope to hear from you some more. Big Fan Dub -Don D. image

The Eagles were made for this one. -Rodney R.

Best of my Love was the first song I had ever danced to at a teen dance. I fell in love with the Eagles ever since. Jack your lyrics are awesome and I love the harp so much. The Eagles where made for this one and they really do give me a Peace Full Feeling still after all this time. Thanks again for all your talent and God Bless my friend!!! -Rodney R.

My Peaceful Easy Evening With Jack Tempchin. It was magical. -Rob B.

I met Jack at an ASCAP Expo after growing up listening to his Eagles hits. That same evening he performed a late night set at a gallery just off Sunset Blvd. (across from Amoeba). I went to check it out and ended up staying there all night as he played song after song. Everyone knows “Peaceful Easy Feeling” but I also LOVE “You Belong To The City” and “Jesus and Mohammad” a lot. In fact, that night hearing “Jesus and Mohammad” as it was performed, I’d have to say it is simply one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Being a songwriter, it is always a thrill to me to interact on any level with people I admire. Jack is a gentle human being, full of light and brilliance. Around 3-4 in the morning he broke into “Peaceful Easy Feeling” with just me and girl in front of him, the remaining scragglers, sitting Indian style and we were singing along and harmonizing with him during the chorus. I would not have traded it for anything, even The Eagles performing it. It was magical. I felt a part of the song… in those moments, I was connected in a very intimate, unfiltered environment. Now a couple years later, I am starting to finally see some minor success as a songwriter and I am still just as in awe of Jack. One day I hope to write with him, he is on the ‘dream’ list of collaborators. If you ever have a chance to see him live - GO! His set ranges from more humorous songs like “Wicked Little Weasel” to his Eagles staples. Something for everyone. -Rob B.

A promise for Jane, whom I still love. -Michael B.

In 1974, I met Jane in San Jose, CA while we both tried to get our dogs off from on top of the roof at apartment complex where we lived. Truly, it was love at first sight for us both even though we were still teenagers. We laughed over the incident and I somehow coaxed her back to my place where she saw my acoustic guitar on the couch and asked me to play a song. I thought, “Crap, what should I play? Beatles, Stones, Dylan?” I fumbled for an idea, an appropriate tune, for a few minutes to try and impress the heck out of her. Nothing came to mind and I felt like a complete idiot! I was at risk of humiliating myself by stalling and maybe having her laugh at me and leave, or worse, to see her walk out of my life when we had just met.

She sat across from me on a chair by the open door, her auburn hair began to sway from the summer early evening breeze, eyes sparkling and smiling, staring outside at nothing in particular. A few stars began to appear toward the desert mountains and all was quiet. I thought hard and struggled for a good song to impress her. No words were spoken.

And then, without realizing it, I played the first chords to an Eagles song that I learned a year or so earlier. I couldn’t, didn’t stop and just continued playing to the groove, and when I sang the first verse…”I like the way your sparkling earings lay, against your skin so brown…” I was subconsciously describing how beautiful she looked to me, and she knew it. She never took her eyes off me while I sang, and when I finished she walked over to me and kissed me softly. I was now hopelessly in love…doomed.

Throughout our 5 years together I sang “Peaceful Easy Feeling” to her on a regular basis and as we would lay outside at night “…with a billion stars all around”, we would sing lines from the song.

30 plus years later, we finally reconnected again recently by phone, and she asked if I still sing it. I told her not since we broke up, but when we do get together again, I promised her I will, for her. I think I heard her cry a bit, I’m sure she was smiling.

So someday soon, a promise for Jane, whom I still love, we might get that Peaceful, Easy Feeling once again… as though back in time. -Michael M.

It was therapy for my soul. -Leann

Always been an Eagles fan, but Peaceful Easy Feeling was definitely a song that I related to when going through a very transitional time in my life as a teenager/young adult. My family was torn apart, and the flowing lyrics and the poetry both struck a chord in me and really did make me feel peaceful and calm when I listened to it. It was therapy for my soul. To this day it is still one of my favorite songs of all time. -Leann

Before the Eagles made the bigs… -Tommy P.

Center Street, San Diego, was My Peaceful Easy Feeling… Before The Eagles made the bigs… All night picks and jams, 10 or 15 people working out harmony parts for old R&R Songs. My house and Jack’s were only 6 blocks from each other. Music, music, and MORE MUSIC. Jack, Bob Cowan, and I opened a bar even! (called STINGAREE)  That was about the time the Eagles took off. The rest is, Well You Know The rest…… Thank You Guys for Everything. Jack, Your The Best Man I Know To This Day, One Of A Kind…… -Tommy P.image

I hope someday to meet you and shake your hand. -Jim V.

When I was a young man, I was in a garage band and we had a manager named Dave ( he had a car). Anyway, one day Peaceful Easy Feeling came on the radio and Dave said, ‘Hey listen to these guys, they are pretty good, mark my words, I think these guys are gonna go far.’ Our band broke up about a month later, but I still think about Dave whenever I play an Eagles tune on my guitar, or go see them in concert. You have so many classics, I hope someday to meet you and shake your hand. Great songwriters are rare. -Jim V.

I loved it and never forgot it! -Jerry P.

Born in 1968 and the youngest of 10 kids in northern Wisconsin… My brother played this song for me in 1976 when I was 8 and once I heard the lyrics and the guitar solo…I loved it and never forgot it!  -Jerry P.